25 most adventurously random things…

or not. Here’s me:

1. I love ice cream – any time of year. But I prefer certain flavors with the seasons. Peppermint and Chocolate with orange slices – “gummy drop” style – cut up on top. yum. – trust me, like orange sticks, but better. 馃檪 in the winter and Chunky Blueberry Cheesecake or any sherbet flavor in the summer. I haven’t picked favorites for spring or fall yet – I should get on that…

2. When I was younger I based how well my day had gone by the food I ate. I few journal entries: “today was a good day, we had tacos” “today was not so good, we had spaghetti”

3. I have had some very vivid dreams. A few have been animated and one was even in comic book form. I had to read what was happening. My reoccuring childhood nightmare involved the Count from Sesame Street chasing me up a huge flagpole and then taunting me from below – “One scared Becky… wah ha ha” (thank you? Julianne for reminding me).

4. My other dream jobs (besides being a mommy) include being a librarian in the children’s book section and an “all natural light” child portrait photographer.

5. The last one is why I would love a barn someday. The loft will be my many-windowed photography studio and the bottom could house all of Jim Bob’s wood-working tools. …and we will have sweet barn dances on the weekends. 馃檪

6. Put lemon in my water and I am a happy girl. Jim Bob buys them up for me regularly. I have a container of lemon slices in my fridge just waiting. I am a happy girl often.

7. I make up for those “okay” dinner nights with fabulous desserts. Yes, we have had pb&j with carmel apples swirled in chocolate; pancakes with peach pie; pasta roni with chocolate fondue… and the list goes on.

8. Once, before we were courting, I dared Jim Bob to do a cartwheel in a sprinkler. He did. That’s when I started to fall in love with him. We went on our first date the next day. Months later, I *knew* I was in love when he brought extra kleenexes to church because he knew i was sick. Not only that, he even offered me his pocket to put my dirty ones in. We were engaged the next day.

9. I cannot play the trumpet well. I only played it for a semester though, so that might be part of the reason. Violin is in the same boat. Tuba, on the other hand, I rocked. I only played it one semester, but I was amazing. I even co-composed a tuba/piccolo duet called “Ticcolo Waltz” and performed it for my scoring and arranging class (Marsha on the piccolo, me on the tuba). That also was amazing.

10. Give me an outdoor picnic over any restaurant any day.

11. Sounds like I am very much like my sisters. We are all trying to or have learned the guitar. I don’t have great aspirations. I just want to know enough to play around a campfire. Just a few of the classics – “Little White Duck”, “La Bamba” and a few of my other favs. Right now my 2-year-old plays my guitar more than I do. He calls it “playing rock-n-roll”.

12. I have gone sky diving. I loved it. I would love to sky dive again.

13. Some of my happiest childhood memories involve playing in a hay loft and canning in a sunny kitchen full of produce at my grandparents house.

14. Many of my other favorite childhood memories are in the side yard of the house I grew up in playing “fruit salad”. … Oh, and the day that my mom gave us each a quarter of a cream pie. I will always remember that warm summer afternoon.

15. One of my favorite breakfasts is still a maple bar and cold milk (thanks to Sawtooth Foodtown and a similar-loving {craving?}) sister).

16. The best “beauty” tip I ever learned was from another sister – on those days you just can’t quite make it into the shower – put a little baby powder in your hands and rub it into your hair line. goodbye grungy shine – hello fifteen minutes.

17. Sprinkles and sparkles are two of my favorite words.

18. My favorite “club” I ever belonged to was the spy club that met during recess during elementary school. We kept faithful logs of our “spyings” and collected dues to pay for … snacks.

19. I consider one of my greatest talents the ability to fill and tie water balloons so quickly.

20. A fresh stack of books from the library makes me happy. So does fireplaces, s’mores in the wintertime and lights with dimmer switches.

21. I used to love surprises for gifts. I thought that showed true love. Now I LOVE having a whole list of gifts that I would like. Then I get “surprised” with which one Jim Bob picks from that list. works great. two happy campers.

22. I love having a “loose” menu system. A little structure with lots of flexibility. ready? Sunday=slow cooker, Monday=soup,salad,sandwich, Tuesday=pasta, Wednesday=breakfasty food, Thursday=homecooked goodness (meat and potato-type), Friday=pizza, Saturday=Mexican. Each Saturday I pick the meals for the next week. It’s similar to how my mom did it growing up. I think I might even have the same Tuesday/Wednesday nights.

23. My roommates in college teased me because I ate way more tortillas than bread.

24. I used to not like country music. I hadn’t even listened to it much. One of my roommates my sophomore year in college introduced me to Collin Raye. I loved. I bought the CD. It’s probably a good thing I love country music now that my hunny is a DJ for the local country station. I love listening to my husband on the radio, especially while I’m making dinner and cleaning the kitchen.

25. I love listening to him even more when he’s reading a book just to me.

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  1. Originally posted on Facebook. Here are the replies from my friends and family – fun stuff.

    Adam Gedeborg I think the most dangerous thing that’s not even on this list is the fact that you’re writing this list at 1:11 am!!! What are you doing up so late?!?!

    I remember #14 so well! 馃檪 Great times! Oh, and I think #2 is the same for me…either that or I skipped the whole food thing and just said “today was good”.
    February 12, 2009 at 1:19am 路

    Andrea Sorensen Becky, what an awesome list! My favorites are #3 and #8. And I rely on the same beauty secret – I wonder if I learned it from Ruth?
    February 12, 2009 at 4:11am 路

    John Gedeborg First off I love the picture! It looks like Katelyn wants to grab your necklace. 馃檪
    Fun list, lots of interesting desires and quests! And all of those deserts, reminds me of your “mean cherry cheesecake”!
    February 12, 2009 at 4:59am 路

    Ruth Gedeborg Hansen Your whole list was wonderful.

    I like your favorite words.

    How cool to have favorite ice cream flavors for the time of the year. And such great ones too!… See More
    February 12, 2009 at 5:42am 路

    Wes Hansen Becky, I liked what you had to say about your husband. You’re a “lucky” girl and he’s a “lucky” guy. How “lucky” to have each other and be so much in love. Nice list.
    February 12, 2009 at 5:43am 路

    Alice Koehne What a cool cat. I count myself blessed to know you! 馃檪
    February 12, 2009 at 6:18am 路

    Heather Titensor Overly You are the best! I miss your happy smile. I’m so glad we were roomates. I’d sure love to see you again. Hope we can make that work someday!!
    February 12, 2009 at 7:58am 路

    Amber Boekweg Pipes Awesome list Becky! I had no idea you knew how to play so many different instruments!
    February 12, 2009 at 8:13am 路

    Ladonna Ann Gedeborg Awesome list!!! #4 would explain why we get such cute photos. #22 Yep…we had ‘breakfast night’ on Wednesdays–mainly because we never knew how many extra people would be hanging out at the house waiting for mutual, and we could keep the pancakes or waffles coming until they were all full. #14 Fruit salad–a classic–I remember laughing so hard … See More
    February 12, 2009 at 8:23am 路

    Marsha Megan Stokes This was great to read! Thanks for sharing.
    February 12, 2009 at 2:26pm 路

    Becky Gedeborg Pipes Yes, um… early birds. 馃檪 Sarah is the one that gave me the step-by-step for the baby powder trick, but Ruth just might know it too. 馃槈 Happy to make your day Ruth – and before 7 a.m.! I’ll try my best to do it more often.

    Thanks for the comments – I love you all!
    February 12, 2009 at 2:42pm 路

    Sarah Gedeborg Benson Love these Becky. You’re welcome for my fabulous tip. I might have learned it from Ruth, who knows? 馃檪 So which sister loves the maple bars, ’cause I love them too, but probably wouldn’t eat one for breakfast.

    So I think you should become a portrait photographer and take pictures of all my kids. That would be sweet 馃檪 All I can say about #20 is right on!
    February 14, 2009 at 1:43pm 路

    Amanda Gedeborg Food, food and more food! I am glad we get to live next to you and reap the benifits of that food!
    We think your great Becky. It is sad when you live in the same town and don’t see each other that often. I think you should follow your dreams. You have great talent, love and ambition.
    Did Jim Bob tell you that Megan wants to marry you? Maybe her love language is food too! :
    February 15, 2009 at 9:23pm

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