Spotlight: { Joshua }


{picture taken by Joshua  :)}

Joshua is the best tackler.  He is very good at surprise tackles.  Jacob said that he and Joshua have a fun “silly giggly contest”.  Here’s how it goes down:  When one of them enters a room where the other is at, they look at the one in the room until they start laughing.  I made the mistake of saying “oh, a staring contest”.  I was quickly informed it is not.  It is much different, with a whole set of rules all it’s own.  But the “silly giggly” outcome is the same, no??

Joshua gives lots of hugs and kisses to everyone in our family.  He says that “anyone can create a kiss or a hug”.  It’s one of my favorite sayings of his.  Joshua says that he is an expert at “stabilizing snowmen” and Jacob vouches for that.  




Joshua’s favorite foods shift, but he will always eat German pancakes, pizza, cheesy chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and his favorite drink is CoLD, iCy water.

Joshua received a flying man with wings for Christmas this year.  It flies all over the living room.  I think he kinda-maybe-sorta likes it:


It even made an appearance for show-and-tell.

Joshua is a dreamer, wisher like me.  He wishes on multiple stars every night.  He is not a strict wish-maker-keeper-never-tell-anyone-evah wisher (like myself) though, because he let me in on his ultimate wish:  200 packs of Winter Wonderland Wonka candy mix – a “whole forest” complete with Frosty Nerds and Snowball Gobstoppers.  Hmmm, maybe it’s better to let others know though, so they can help with the making-come-true part.  I know what he’s getting in his stocking next year.  😉  Maybe not quite in that quantity though.

We sure do think the world of our big-smiling, loving Joshua.

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  1. I love Josh!!! The giggly contest sounds so like him. And he’s an expert at stabilizing snowmen? So cool@ I’m jealous- my snowmen always end up lopsided. I so want him on my team if we ever enter a snowman building contest. 🙂

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