love, Andrew…

Jacob so kindly got all the toothbrushes ready for the kiddos a few nights ago.  He placed them on the table and then went about the bedtime-getting-ready-business.  I entered the room ready to help scrub away little cavity-bugs, but the toothbrushes were nowhere to be found.  Wha?  

I questioned the older ones, but they had no idea.  I turned around and found Andrew almost ready to burst.  Of course he was waiting, so I asked, “Where are toothbrushes Andrew?”

The words erupted forth…”In the tree!” Hee heeeee heee  “The tree with no star”  hee heeeeeeee heeee

And there they were – right in the tree.  The tree that I had just pulled all the ornaments off of.  The Christmas tree that was now bare except for it’s lights…. and four toothbrushes.  What a fine decoration!  


We had a fun little treasure hunt finding all the toothbrushes.  And I shall not be surprised when the toothbrushes find a new vacation spot.

It reminds me of a funny joke my little brother John once told me (warning, he was quite young). 

John:  Why did the horse climb the tree?

Me:  Hmmm, no idea

John:  To brush his teeth!!!

Me:  Huh?

John:  Get it??  Leaves are green and toothpaste is green.  

Me:  Ah, yeah.  Now I get it.

And obviously, so does Andrew.  🙂

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  1. Heehee- I love Andrew and his shenanigans- he is so cute. I never knew that story about John and the toothpaste. This is why I love blogs!!! 😀

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