a couple funnies. and an aspiration

Our library has a sign near the entrance. It says “Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy.” lol!

I also noticed that “over-due” fines are printed at the bottom of our check-out receipts with a warning – “we know where you live.” Oh my!

I *heart* our librarians. I love our library and I love to read. I look forward to when I get to help at story hour once a month. It’s a wonderful thing. In fact, someday I would love to belong to the “Ladies Literacy Club”. I’m not sure what it takes, but my Grandma belongs and that is one of my life-time ambitions.

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  1. hey becky i am trying to get ahold of you to give you your GC for winning the photo challenge! please email me at lauramcgee13@hotmail.com! thanks

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