Sometimes you've got to go with the flow…

airflow that is. On Monday night we had a family night all planned, but then the wind picked up. And oh my, it was a kite-flying wind if I have ever felt one. The boys each had kites from my parents, and we had a huge rainbow kite we bought at a yard sale right after we were married. This beautiful and big kite has sat in three different apartments and the basement of our current house, just waiting for the wind like the kind we had on Monday. Way too fun.

Jim Bob expert Rainbow kiteBecky flying

Joshua was able to get his kite all the way out on the string. Jacob was the king of keeping his kite up, and Autumn had the best view of all. lol. She did have fun helping fly a kite later on.
Joshua grins Joshua flying

Jacob Flying

Autumn View Autumn Flying

We were out in our back yard for a couple hours and throughly enjoyed ourselves.

Boys and Kites

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