A true gentleman…

I pulled open the van door tonight and asked the kiddos to hop in. Joshua (3 and 1/6 years old – but who’s counting 😉 ) started to climb in and then stopped. He climbed down and said, “Ladies fwirst”. He then proceeded to help his little sister Autumn into the vehicle. Ahhhh, melted this mommy’s heart.

The best part is that I know where Joshua gets his sweet, helpful nature from – the gentleman that always opens my door.

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  1. Awwwwww…..what a little sweetie! My four year old (well he’s four tomorrow!) has just started loving me. What I mean is that he follows me around the house and gives me rambunctious and delicious boy hugs from the back, from the side, hanging on me, jumping on me, etc, and says “I love you mom”. So sweet and so precious, esp. since he’s not been very lovey for a couple of years, choosing very carefully to dole out his love a teency bit at a time. 🙂

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