I *know* that this magazine, Wondertime, is in print just for me. It is the bestest one in the wide whole world (to steal a phrase from my three-year-old son, Joshua).


The subtitle of the magazine is “Celebrate your child’s love of learning”. It is full of ideas to do just that. It is by the makers of Family Fun magazine, another of my favorites. Family Fun is full of fun crafts, recipes and travel ideas. I have subscribed to it for years and have used lots of ideas from it.

This magazine though is full of learning-related articles. The articles I have read have been about imaginary friends, teaching your children how to work, and how to answer those science questions that come up (like why is the ocean salty). This issue also has a fun article on “outing your inner child” that teaches adults how to play again and one on learning games for the wading pool. Fabulous! The writers are top notch and there is enough content to keep this reader happily busy for a while. Add in the ideas I plan on using from this magazine and it is well worth the money.

I love the focus of this magazine. The photography is simply gorgeous and the feel of this magazine is amazing. The magazine is a larger one, the pages are thicker and they smell wonderful. Yeah, I might be a tad obsessed. Especially since it’s only my second issue, the second issue ever printed. But I believe in love at first sight. And this is it. 😉

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