Happy Sunday to everyone! I hope yours was wonderfully enjoyable!

Our kiddos were sick this morning. Jim Bob and I discussed today how good they are, even when sick. We woke up to Jacob calling from his bedroom. He just said that he had thrown up. No screaming, thrashing around, nothing. So calm and sweet. Autumn threw up later this morning. She was also calm, looked down at her clothes and hands and said, “messy” in this little voice. Awww. So, definitely not hard as a mommy to take care of them and snuggle the day away. I called and took care of my church responsibilities and then stayed home with the young uns. Jim Bob went to church and taught Sunday School. He said it went well. 🙂 always a good thing to hear. The afternoon was spent napping and then we visited family in the evening because the kiddos were doing much better. Our brother John leaves for his 2 year mission this Wednesday. We were thankful to spend some time with him tonight. He will make a great missionary, but we will all miss him too. Especially a sweet little girl he calls “princess”.

p.s. Happy National Scrapbooking Day to everyone (yesterday). Happy National Astronomy Day as well (yesterday too). My love for Astronomy was rekindled when we visited the Lowell Observatory in Arizona last year. It was full of wonderful exhibits and information. I could have stayed there all day. But alas, the Grand Canyon called too. Anyway, two of my loves all on one day – beauty! Plus I watched the National Collegiate Gymnastics Championship on TV yesterday morning. That was pretty darn neat too. Happy, happy.

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