Proof …

Jim Bob really truly graduated and we have lots of pictures to show. 🙂

The oh-so-handsome and thrilled graduate:


A photo of our happy family:

Family Photo

A photo of our large happy family:

Big Family Photo

Autumn just loving the tassle:


… and her reflection in the floor:


A photo of Jim Bob and I … and the flowers given to us by the ladies at the Utah State Extension (in honor of JB’s graduation – and our new baby). :):
Jim Bob and Becky at graduation

Jacob took this great shot of his daddy – fun, eh?:
Jacob Pic of JB

Jacob trying on the robe and cap:

Jacob Grad

And finally, Jim Bob with his Aggie white and blue M&Ms:


Photo borders by Kim Crothers, star doodles by me. 🙂

… and there you have it. The evening in pictures. It really was wonderfully exciting. I couldn’t stop smiling – and Jim Bob couldn’t either. Once again – I am so proud of my man!

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