Graduatin' Fool!

My wonderfully brilliant husband is graduating! He will be receiving his bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems from Utah State University. He has been going at it for years – taking classes here and there while working full time and yet still being here for me and our four children. This last year he has pushed hard and is near the finish. He is nothing short of amazing! (I am just a tinsy tiny bit excited and proud of him.) Here’s the announcement we sent to family and friends:
Jim Bob's Graduation Announcement

That tractor photo is my favorite – lol. Handsome man, eh? And smart to boot (did I mention that?). He plans on staying with the company he owns with two other guys, City Web Systems. They build websites and Jim Bob handles most of the backend programming and what not. He has been able to use some of what he has learned in classes already. I love you sweetheart – Congrats!

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  1. *blushing*

    You’re too sweet! I couldn’t have done it without your help (remember calculus?). Thank _you_!

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