One of those picture kind of days…

We were able to make three batches of strawberry jam (yum!) and a pie for Family Home Evening treat.


Swirl brush by Taran Conyers

Autumn ate her nachos for lunch and then plopped some cheese on her nose. She posed and said “cheese!” That funny little bug-a-roo:

Say Cheese!

Princess Pants font (and doodles) by Jen Wilson

Here are my three oldest children, enjoying the Pooh Heffalump movie. The sharing of the seat didn’t last too long. 🙂


Jim Bob took Autumn on an outing over to Mom and Dad Pipes’ house. They played with the baby goats and Autumn had a grand time. I am so glad I sent the camera with them. 😉


Goat Kiss

Kisses No.2

The word for the week at Rhonna’s blog is strength. I dug up a couple quotes I like, but will save them to post tomorrow.

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