Today has been a long, but good day. I was in charge of story hour (with my friend Michelle) at the library today. We had a fun time with the “Spring” theme. We read a plethora of Spring Time books, did some finger plays, sang lots of songs, and glued popcorn all over a paper tree branch – to look like a blossoming spring tree. So fun and slightly educational. 🙂

This afternoon there was a Primary Quarterly Activity. The theme was “Children Around the World”. The children first learned the song “Holding Hands Around the World”, and then there were three rooms they went to to learn about different countries. One room was about Germany, another about Chile and the last was about Taiwan. The children were divided into three groups and then rotated between the rooms. Each room had a person from our ward that had gone on a mission to that country. They talked about the country and then also about the children in the country. Our representative for Taiwan was not able to make it at the last minute, so Sister Ruell picked up the table display and got some information on the country. I looked online and found some stories in the Friend magazine about some children in Taiwan. I told the stories, showed the information and passed out the fortune cookies that Sister Ruell had picked up from the Snow Dragon restaurant. The children really seemed to enjoy it. I was sad that I did not see the other presentations, but I hear that they went well. 🙂 The Activity Day girls (age 12) and their new leader, my sister Erin, made the treat from Germany – yummy chocolately bread. The treat from Chile was cheese empanadas. The children seemed to enjoy all of it, and it went fairly smoothly as well.

In the evening I went to a PBS “Ready to Learn” workshop – so good. There were not many people there, so we were allowed to take two free books. I also received one book as a prize, so my boys were thrilled when I came home with three books. We busted them open and read away. I think their favorite is, “Joseph Had a Little Overcoat”. It is about a man whose coat wears out, so he makes a vest. The vest is wearing out, so he makes a scarf and on down to a button. Cute story and fun pictures. We also got, “The Rain Came Down”, and “If You Give a Moose a Muffin”. All three books are sequential in nature, so I’ll have to point that out to them sometime. 😉

Now I’m fighting to keep my eyelids open. I will post again tomorrow. Oooh, and I am so excited to try out my Bosch machine. Totally grew up with this wonderful kitchen appliance – and received one tonight as an early Mother’s Day present from my Dad and Mom Pipes. So exciting and wonderful!

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